Lisbon is the stunning capital city of Portugal, and is one of the most charismatic and vibrant cities of Europe. It is a unique city where the Portuguese culture and traditions still live in the streets. Here there are 240 days of sunshine a year. Just 20 minutes from Lisbon you can find Algés, where IrRADIARE is based.

welcome to the sunny lisbon

How to reach the company?

There are different ways to reach Algés from Lisbon depending on where you live.

From Oriente metro station there is the bus 750 which stops in Alvalade, Campo grande, Benfica and many other places and it takes you directly to Algés (the closest stop to reach IrRADIARE is Av. Bombeiros V. Algés Cinema).

From Cais do Sodré station you can simply catch the Linha de Cascais which stops in Algés

Monthly ticket: 40 euros

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Working in IrRADIARE means means taking part of a strong passionate multidisciplinary and multicultural team. Continuos motivation, dynamism and creativity will make you a better professional. Ready for the challenge?

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  Our pet name is Sebastian, inspired in a very important figure of Portuguese History Marques de Pombal.

  Sebastian is 3 years old and he is afraid of backpacks and trolleys.

  You can bring your dog to the office.


In this section you will find real testimonials of the students’ past experiences here at IrRADIARE.

It can be also a way for past interns brush up their memories.

Please feel free to share with us your moments here at IrRADIARE!

I always wanted to do something meaningful and positively remarkable for society and the environment. I had this chance during my internship at IrRadiare despite the fact that it was a remote internship. During my experience, I faced tasks and challenges in the field of European projects (green hydrogen energy, smart cities, Europe digitalising etc.), sustainability and overcame them also thanks to the support of the great team. I learned a lot of things and became familiar with Europe developing vector. An internship has made me more confident and even more passionate about Sustainable & International Development. It was a great journey of continuous learning and developing.

Elena, 23, Saint Petersburg

After two months of my return home, I am still thinking about experience in Portugal, from the beginning to the end. Unfortunately, I had to leave sooner, because of the Covid-19. Even though my internship was the most interesting and adventurous experience in my life. Not only the working time in the office but every second, which I could spend with people and knowing Portuguese culture, Lisbon, and surrounding areas. It was the first time I lived alone without my family and friends. I can say it was the best decision to go despite it was not so easy. During my experience, I learned many new things, overcame myself, and I met a lot of friendly people who were very kind and helpful. This journey made me stronger, more self-confident and it learnt me to enjoy the present time. I really miss the peaceful life which was everywhere around me. Many times I had felt like in a dream. For sure, this experience will be in my heart forever. To the end, little advice for the next trainees – the 25th of February is the day off. Don't come to the office!

Barbora, 24, Slovakia

Thanks to IrRADIARE I was able to learn a lot about European environmental projects. Even though my internship was interrupted by Covid-19, the company was amazing! We worked from home, but the connection, helpfulness, and professionalism of coworkers was priceless!

Monika, 22, Slovakia

IrRADIARE was not only a workplace where I expanded my knowledge but also a safe place to feel calm and focused on my work. I think I have absorbed a lot of knowledge from this experience: in addition to the study path itself (programming applied to data analysis with pycharm and TensorFlow), I lived for the first time alone without my family, and this experience has broadened my horizons both personally and culturally. I was part of a fantastic team, Flávia and Elsa were very kind, and during my stay at IrRADIARE, I met many people of my age, including some Italians guys. I felt involved and passionate about the hydrogen project, and although it didn't last long it certainly impressed me. I hope to be able to return and work to IrRADIARE in the future, perhaps by visiting their Brussels office next time.

Michela, 22, Italy

I found IrRADIARE in my university webpage and I think it's a good opportunity to gain international experience and improve languages.

Noemi, 22, Spain

Thanks to this experience I improved my design and communication skills, as well as I developed myself in the context of European projects and sustainability. Also, I could work and spend time with people from different countries, which allowed me to enhance my English skills. At the same time, I discovered the beautiful city of Lisbon and its surroundings.

María, 22, Spain

I applied for this internship program because I wanted to gain more knowledge and experience in the field of urban policies and territorial planning. Here I was lucky to find a great team of talented interns and we created so many beautiful memories together.

Diana, 27, Romania

Three months in which I went through what is being done in the European Union about sustainability and climate change and also what Portugal does about that in its municipalities. A good opportunity to learn, meet nice interns and discover Lisbon.

Diego, 24, Spain

It has been an amazing experience both personal and professional. On the one hand, I could develop my design skills, time management and learnt about how European projects work. On the other hand, I could improve my English and learnt a little bit of Portuguese. Besides, I’ve loved being able to work with many other interns from different countries and backgrounds.

Marta, 22, Spain

I spent three very enjoyable months. It was my first step in professional life and I am very happy about this experience. I would like to thank all interns, colleagues and Sebastião.

Ezgi, 22, Turkey

In IrRADIARE we are many students in training so it creates an atmosphere that makes you feel at home.

Aurora, 22, Spain

Lisbon is an amazing city with a lot of culture and it has been incredible living here. Also being at IrRADIARE with the rest of the interns from other countries and being in such a nice environment was a lovely experience.

Ana, 22, Spain

After my graduation I accepted the challenge at IrRADIARE because I wanted to have a formative job experience in the field of Sustainable Development, Smart Cities and European project. I really enjoyed the friendly, quiet, kind, comfortable and multicultural atmosphere of the work office. Thanks to this internship I met lots of new friends, I developed my designing and personal management skills, I improved my English skills, I learned a bit of Portuguese and, finally, I had the chance to stay in the gorgeous city of Lisbon and to explore the Portuguese culture and other beautiful towns of this Country.

Ilenia, 26, Italy

IrRADIARE has exceeded my expectations: not only I have worked on the field of sustainability and development, but I have also found life-long friends and an amazing team. Here I felt at home, even if my real home is far away from Lisbon.

Fulvia Iannotta, 22, Italy

My goal in IrRADIARE was to learn how national and european environmental projects work. Also I wanted to learn and improve my portuguese until I could be an advanced portuguese speaker.

Aura, 25, Spain

My experience in IrRADIARE has been really good, I’ve been learning a lot of stuff about graphic design and content development for social networks. The office is super calm and friendly. We feel like home here!

Mónica Silva, 20, Portugal

Until now my experience in IrRADIARE has been positive, I’ve learned different ways to improve my designing skills. The company's work space is very relaxed and friendly, everyone gets along and help each other.

Débora Barros, 20, Portugal

I applied through a government program for a summer internship. So far I've learned a lot about communication network, digital content and social media management. This experience has made a huge impact in my resume!

Rebeca, 20, Portugal

In IrRADIARE I learned a lot of things about programming, electronics and networks. With this experience I accomplished other things like working in an office that is so calm and friendly and also making friends from other countries.

Inês, 20, Portugal

I applied because I was looking for a formative experience in the field of European project planning for sustainability and development, and IrRADIARE was among the best options I found. Second, the possibility of doing the internship abroad, in a country that is developing and performing well, like Portugal, and in a multi-cultural environment, definitely convinced me to accept this challenge.

Pier Paolo, 24, Italy

“Inclusion” is the first word which bumps into my mind. No matter how old you are or where you're from, you will always feel part of this team from the very first day. IrRADIARE is a 100% proactive company and is a stimulating work place. Surely memorable!

Michela, 24, Italy

I met IrRADIARE because of the Erasmus European Program. When I applied I had an interview via skype and without nothing I was in Portugal!

Manuel, 24, Spain

I found IrRADIARE in an internship website after searching for many months. When I read the job description I found the opportunity interesting for me to both visit Portugal and work with environmental engineering.

Irem, 21, Turkey

In this company, I was warmly welcomed and the people who work here are very helpful and kind.

The projects which I'm working on are connected with the degree that I’m taking - Environmental Engineering - and also we are learning practical ways to save the environment.

Before coming here I wasn't sure if was a good idea to go alone to a new country without knowing anyone, but now I think that it was the best decision ever.

Patryk, 23, Poland

IrRADIARE is Innovation, Sustainability and Challenge.

Alina, 31, Italy

With IrRADIARE I got a new perspective of the environment and started thinking about sustainable economy. At the university, they taught us that the main goal is to GDP growth and maximize profits in companies. But in today's environmental crisis, nature and sustainability need to be taken into account.

Mária, 24, Slovakia

I choose IrRADIARE, because after my graduation I wanted to find a first real job in the area which I was studying, which means International Relations and the European Union. I was also impressed by the references about this company, which were given to me by my friend, who previously worked here. IrRADIARE represents a perfect combination of what I was looking for: professional experience, development of my skills and also location in the beautiful country of Portugal.

Martina, 24, Slovakia

My friend recommended me this internship and provided contact information. I liked the experience of my friend, so I sent my CV to IrRADIARE via email and successfully got in.

Stanislava, 24, Slovakia

The most funny thing that happened to me was in the first days as intern in IrRADIARE. I was working in the office when suddenly I felt that something under the table was licking my leg. Then I looked under the desk and I met the mascot of our company - Sebastião. I was shocked because I have never seen a dog in an office, but now I know that IrRADIARE is a dog-friendly company.

Lukas, 24, Slovakia

My main goal when I applied to IrRADIARE was to gain international experience while improving both my English and my Portuguese in a context of multiculturality, interdisciplinarity and sustainability.

Emílio, 23, Spain

I choose IrRADIARE because it’s a company that takes care of sustainability and European projects. They are known for receive a lot of European students and so it was the perfect occasion to explore this topics in a good environment.

Chiara, 23, Italy

In Slovak I met a girl that did her internship in IrRADIARE. We had a talk and she told me about the company which she recommended to me. I didn´t hesitate and wrote an email to Elsa Nunes. The hiring process was smooth and I am glad that now I can do my internship here.

Tatiana, 24, Slovakia



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