Interns in Portugal

Lisbon is the stunning capital city of Portugal, and is one of the most charismatic and vibrant cities of Europe. It is a unique city where the Portuguese culture and traditions still live in the streets. Here there are 240 days of sunshine a year. Just 20 minutes from Lisbon you can find Algés, where IrRADIARE is based.

welcome to the sunny lisbon

How to reach the company?

There are different ways to reach Algés from Lisbon depending on where you live.

From Oriente metro station there is the bus 750 which stops in Alvalade, Campo grande, Benfica and many other places and it takes you directly to Algés (the closest stop to reach IrRADIARE is Av. Bombeiros V. Algés Cinema).

From Cais do Sodré station you can simply catch the Linha de Cascais which stops in Algés

Monthly ticket: 40 euros

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Interns in Brussels

Brussels is the second most cosmopolitan city in the world, with 62% of its inhabitants born in another country. It is a multi-ethics city, shown by the number of ethnic quarters and the shops in the streets and with something interesting happening every day. Above all, it is a truly European city. Brussels, in fact, is not only the capital of Belgium but also the capital of European Affair. The City become a vital point of reference for those involved in the board field European afraid having a long history of hosting several principal EU institutions withing its European Quarter. Working within the Brussels arena will provide you with a great opportunity to interact with people from all over Europe, to learn how the European Institutions function in practise, and how to develop important jobs-skills for European Project Management and Networking.

Welcome to the Capital of European Affairs

How to reach the company?

IrRADIARE European Office is located in the heart of the “European Quarter” – very near the European Parliament and place du Luxemburg. Address: Nordic House, rue de Luxemburg n. 3, 1000 (Brussels).

There are different ways to reach the office:
• Metro station - TRONE line 2 - 6
• Bus station - TRONE line 27 - 68
• You can also Biking or walking

Ticket price:
• One-way ticket €2.10 (bus-tram-metro)
• Ten-journey ticket €14 (bus-tram-metro)
• Monthly ticket €49 (bus-tram-metro)

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Working in IrRADIARE means means taking part of a strong passionate multidisciplinary and multicultural team. Continuos motivation, dynamism and creativity will make you a better professional. Ready for the challenge?

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  Our pet name is Sebastian, inspired in a very important figure of Portuguese History Marques de Pombal.

  Sebastian is 3 years old and he is afraid of backpacks and trolleys.

  You can bring your dog to the office.


In this section you will find real testimonials of the students’ past experiences here at IrRADIARE.

It can be also a way for past interns brush up their memories.

Please feel free to share with us your moments here at IrRADIARE!

My stay at IrRADIARE will hardly be forgettable; I guess certain memories will always find a place in my heart. Stepping across the office door for the first time brought about feelings I will never forget: a young and cosy atmosphere that made me feel welcome and safe. I was lucky enough to share my time here with brilliant, friendly, kind colleagues and I was able to appreciate the diversity of each of them in terms of culture and background. On a working basis, I could follow the Euro-projecting process from the earliest stages up to witnessing ideas gradually come to life. I was able to deepen my knowledge on topics such as energy transition, digitalisation of cities, protection of biodiversity. Last but not least, being able to end the working day at the beach, facing the ocean at sunset is something that will hardly ever happen again. Final words go to Lisbon, which was the perfect setting for this experience: a city with a vibrant cultural scene, where you can witness so many concerts and events, and that made me feel at home from the very beginning. None of this can be described in words: come and try it for yourself!

Letizia, Italy

My six-week experience as an intern at IrRADIARE was unforgettable, the atmosphere at the company is incredible. Even though I was 17 years old and the youngest, I felt welcomed by everyone. It was my first work experience and I would love to do it again. During these weeks we had some small tasks related to environmental projects in the area of communication. I managed to improve my English skills, due to the diversity of nationalities of the interns and it was great fun getting to know a little about each one. I highly recommend this adventure to anyone willing to learn, while knowing different cultures and creating friendships. Thank you very much for this opportunity!

Sofia, Portugal

During my six week internship at IrRADIARE, the experience was amazing and would love to repeat it. This was my first time working for a real world company and as part of a team, who were professional and welcoming even though I was one of the youngest there. Amongst some of my favourite tasks was creating social media post and helping with environmental projects. I feel this time has helped me understand the work place environment a lot better. The team I was part of was truly multinational which not only Advanced my career prospects but also left me with lasting friendships making my time at IrRADIARE a truly memorable chapter of my life. Thank you so much for this opportunity.

Emma, Portugal

My three-month internship at IrRADIARE marked my first experience working for an international company, and I am truly grateful for it. This opportunity allowed me to broaden my horizons, enhance my English skills, and connect with individuals from various nationalities. I had the opportunity to engage with different tasks and projects related to environmental engineering and beyond, at both European and local levels. This experience has given me a more mature and open perspective on my academic and professional aspirations. Additionally, the office staff were incredibly kind and supportive, making me feel like a valued member of the team and fostering a friendly and very creative environment. I also had the chance to live and explore the city with fantastic fellow interns, creating unforgettable memories for which I will always be grateful. I wholeheartedly recommend this experience to other students considering a stay in the beautiful city of Lisbon. Muito obrigado a todos que tornaram esta experiência possível!

Nicola, Italy

My internship here, as my first experience abroad, truly surprised me with its intensity and complexity. I had the opportunity to deepen and expand my knowledge in the world of European and local project development by working with a dynamic and multidisciplinary team like IrRADIARE. Engaging directly with significant societal challenges, from waste management to community involvement in urban development, offered me new perspectives and enriched me not only professionally. Additionally, discussing and debating diverse ideas with people from various backgrounds helped me refine my teamwork skills. Finally, living in a city like Lisbon, with its blend of traditions and cultures, exposed me to an environment full of innovative and interesting people, allowing me to make new connections and gain inspiration for future ideas and projects.

Ricardo, Italy

My three months experience at IrRADIARE has been an incredible experience-journey. I had the opportunity to immerse myself in the inner workings of the company, actively participating in various activities and applying my diverse skill set. This internship has been particularly rewarding as I’ve gained extensive knowledge about European projects within the context of sustainability, including critical topics like energy poverty. I leave IrRADIARE with cherished memories, a wealth of experience, new friendships, and a sense of excitement for the future. I wholeheartedly recommend IrRADIARE to anyone seeking an enriching internship opportunity.

Ioannis, Greece

Working at IrRADIARE has been an incredible experience. I've been able to know how the company works from the inside, participating in their different activities and putting my several skills into practice. Also, it has been amazing to do my internship here because I've learned a lot about european projects in the context of sustainability in general, such as, energy poverty topic. I would say that I learnt a lot professionaly and personaly speaking. I'm really grateful for this opportunity in this beautiful city, for sure I would never forget it! I wanted to say thank you so much for everything again, it has been an incredible experience and I've been so comfortable here with everyone. Obrigada!!

Andrea, Spain

These past three months have not only contributed to my professional development but have also left an indelible mark on my personal journey. Since my first day in the office, I've been welcomed by my colleagues in such a way that I immediately felt at ease. Witnessing everyone's dedication to furthering the company's values and goals has been incredibly inspiring for me, especially considering that my academic studies revolve around sustainability themes. Beyond the office work, I've had the privilege of forming wonderful friendships with my colleagues and together we've explored the breathtaking landscapes of Portugal, creating unforgettable memories along the way. I believe that the essence of the "Erasmus" experience lies in its ability to enrich us both professionally and personally and I am deeply grateful to IrRadiare for providing me with this opportunity to grow and learn and learn in various aspects.

Paola, Italy

As my time at IrRADIARE comes to an end, I can't help but feel grateful for the incredible journey it has been. This internship provided me with countless opportunities for personal and professional growth. Through my work here, I've broadened my knowledge of the sustainability field, exploring its many dimensions and discovering my passion for it. It also boosted my confidence in pursuing my upcoming Master's degree in this area, making me feel more prepared and enthusiastic about the path ahead. Moreover, living in Lisbon during this internship has been nothing short of amazing. I've had the chance to immerse myself in Portuguese culture, trying delicious food, learning the language, and making lifelong friends along the way. The incredible people I have met have been one of the highlights of my time here. Together, we've shared countless experiences, from exploring the city's hidden gems to brainstorming innovative solutions to environmental challenges. Overall, my internship at IrRADIARE has been an unforgettable journey filled with learning, growth, and adventure. I'm grateful for every moment and excited to carry these experiences with me into the next chapter of my life.

Michela, Italy

My three-month internship at IrRADIARE was an enriching experience, filled with professional growth and personal development within a kind and culturally diverse environment. From day one, I was welcomed warmly by a team that valued inclusivity and collaboration, which made it easy to integrate and contribute effectively. My main responsibilities included crafting sustainability guides for the SMILE project and enhancing a project proposal for the LIFE program. These tasks offered me the opportunity to delve deep into the practical aspects of sustainability and improve my knowledge of European project management. The inspiring atmosphere helped me foster my technical and soft skills such as communication, critical thinking, creativity, teamwork, and flexibility. The internship not only advanced my career prospects but also left me with lasting friendship, making my time at IrRADIARE a truly memorable chapter of my life.

Marzia, Italy

My internship experience at IrRADIARE was incredibly fulfilling. It marked my first professional experience abroad, and I would happily repeat it. This company fosters a welcoming atmosphere where everyone feels at home, and the office environment boosts productivity and creativity. One aspect I particularly appreciated was their receptiveness to my interests and learning goals. This allowed me to engage in tasks that fitted perfectly with my interests. The culture at IrRADIARE is one of continual growth, with a focus on learning from mistakes and progressively improving. What made this experience even more enriching was the opportunity to collaborate with a diverse group of young international students, all sharing a common interest in sustainability. Working alongside them enhanced the office dynamics, transforming colleagues into friends. Furthermore, being able to reside in Lisbon for three months was incredible. The city's vibrant atmosphere contributed to a truly memorable adventure. Overall, my time at IrRADIARE exceeded my expectations for a first international experience, leaving me immensely grateful for this opportunity.

Francesca, Italy

During my three-month internship at IrRADIARE, I experienced an amazing adventure, a perfect mixture of professionalism and cultural discovery. I had the privilege of meeting other young interns as passionate as I am all united by the desire to make a difference in the field of environment and sustainability. The environment in which I have been immersed on this journey has been warm and welcoming, and the staff that has accompanied me is always willing to help you. This short internship allowed me to learn more about the functioning and characteristics of European projects and initiatives in the circular economy, with a special focus on interregional dynamics. Moreover, thanks to the opportunity to expand my knowledge on specific programming languages, I acquired additional specific skills that allowed me to efficiently interpret and use environmental data and statistical indicators related to sustainability. IrRADIARE has not only been a company, but a community in which I have been able to grow and develop my passions. And for this, I am deeply grateful.

Luca, Italy

I consider my 4 months experience in IrRADIARE as a valuable milestone in my life. Everyone made me feel like a part of the team from the very first moment. The environment of the company was amazing and everyone was really helpful. During my internship I had the opportunity to sharpen my skills, use my imagination in a creative way and exchange opinions with other interns from many different parts of the world. I mainly worked on digital democracy tasks, which at first might seem irrelevant to my field of studies (Spatial Planning and Development). The truth is that I learned so many new things, processes, and stages of a project development that I can only be grateful for. Additionally, the digital aspects of development are a big trend (but also a reality) these days and it’s so important to have knowledge of the situation. I am going to leave this company having the best memories, one great working experience, some new friends and who knows…the future is full of surprises! I would highly recommend IrRADIARE to someone who is searching for a company to have their internship. Μuito obrigada por tudo!

Eva, Greece

My 3-month internship at IrRADIARE was a fulfilling experience. Joining their sustainability projects was not just a professional endeavor but a journey with a passionate team. I genuinely enjoyed the collaborative atmosphere and contributing to projects; it was a shared commitment to creating a positive environmental impact. I am grateful for the mentorship and the valuable insights gained. A dynamic and supportive team that made my time enjoyable.

Giulianna, Brazil

It has been a privilege to have my first contact with the professional world at IrRADIARE. Although I was here only a short while, it allowed me to get familiar with the environmental engineering field and see all kinds of projects, from the office to the field. It also taught me some important skills and provided me with insights into what it is like to work at an office. It certainly has been an enriching experience that I will bring with me throughout my studies and future professional life.

Marta, Portugal

My Intership time at Irradiare company has been an enriching experience. These months in the company have been my first professional experience after finishing my degree in business intelligence in Spain, where I have been able to apply some knowledge in sustainable projects. My time in Lisbon has helped me grow both professionally and personally.

Helena, Spain

After years of studying management engineering I had the opportunity, through this first work experience of mine, to move from theory to practice by working on projects in the sustainable field. Furthermore, the possibility of collaborating with people of different nationalities and backgrounds was stimulating from every point of view. It was an incredible time both in and out of the office in fact I loved Lisbon from day one. Thanks for everything.

Edo, Italy

Thank you IrRADIARE for these past 3 months. It has been a nurturing work experience that allowed me to gain insight on how EU projects are created, funded and implemented. Being in Brussels also allowed me to witness how the EU bubble works and gave me a chance to be a part of it. IrRADIARE’s constant commitment to environmental issues allowed me to integrate my International Relations and Diplomacy studies with a green perspective. Working with other interns and within the office environment was a great first work experience, gaining important team working and communication skills for future endeavors!

Emma, Italy

Interning at IrRADIARE in Lisbon has been my first work experience, standing out as one of the most transformative periods of my life. During these three months here, I had the opportunity to better understand how a company works in all the aspects. During my time at IrRADIARE, I was able to apply my knowledge in the field of management to practical cases and I was involved in a number of interesting tasks, including a number of projects concerning the implementation of sustainable initiatives in European cities. Being in constant contact with other trainees like me has greatly contributed to broadening my cultural and working knowledge and has allowed me to establish solid friendships. I would like to thank the beautiful team of IrRADIARE for allowing me this truly meaningful opportunity.

Eleonora, Italy

My three-month internship at IrRADIARE in Lisbon was a transformative experience, contributing significantly to both my professional and personal growth. Immersed in a dynamic environment, I honed my project management skills, translating concepts into actionable plans. The multicultural setting expanded my horizons, fostering improved communication, problem-solving, and soft skills. Engaging in sustainability projects provided valuable insights into EU financial initiatives. Grateful for the opportunity, I extend my thanks to the entire IrRADIARE team for being exceptional mentors.

Carlo, Italy

My internship at Irradiare was a valuable experience. Throughout this period, I refined my project management skills, engaging in tasks ranging from conceptualization to the development of detailed project plans. The collaborative environment facilitated the improvement of soft skills, including teamwork, problem-solving, and adaptability. Participating in sustainability projects provided me with insights into the mechanisms by which EU institutions endorse and finance initiatives. The atmosphere at Irradiare was both welcoming and enthusiastic, contributing to a positive and enriching experience. This internship has undoubtedly played a pivotal role in my personal and professional development, for which I am grateful. Obrigado!

Tommaso, Italy

I will never forget IrRADIARE, this has been my first work experience and my first long stay outside my country living alone. Three months in this company goes a long way; it is a small company, composed of truly enthusiastic people, so that interns are given the possibility of feeling part of it from the very beginning, taking some relevant tasks. As it is divided in different departments, interns from different fields can work here hand by hand, something that makes us learn from other perspectives. The development of European funding projects and call applications is a huge world, sometimes stressful, but really enriching for a Law and Business student like me, with important lessons for a future job performance. In addition, in my opinion, it is quite important to remark how surprised I was when I realized that you can also live off the creation of projects that improve society and the environment, something really rewarding. To sum up, I highly recommend this adventure to anyone willing to learn, while knowing different cultures and creating friendships.

Jose, Spain

My time at IrRADIARE as a data analyst has been transformative both professionally and personally.Beyond the professional growth, interacting with colleagues from diverse backgrounds and perspectives has broadened my horizons. It has sharpened my communication skills, expanded my vision, and fueled my curiosity. For this, I am deeply thankful to the entire IrRADIARE team. It has been a remarkable journey of learning, self-discovery, and personal development and equipped me with valuable skills and experiences that will undoubtedly shape my future career. Thank you to everyone at IrRADIARE for being the best teachers I could have ever asked for.

Teneman, France

During my internship, I had the opportunity to enhance my skills in various aspects of project management. This included developing a concept and translating it into a project plan. Additionally, I had the chance to improve my soft skills, such as teamwork, problem-solving, and flexibility. Furthermore, I was actively involved in projects related to sustainability, gaining insight into how EU institutions support and fund projects through their financial initiatives. The atmosphere at Irradiare was enthusiastic and welcoming. Thank you for the wonderful experience!

Letizia, Italy

These months of internship at IrRADIARE place themselves in between the most enriching of my life. I would say that I was really surprised to discover, as a first working experience, an environment full of enthusiasm and intercultural inputs. Weeks by weeks I had the opportunity to learn about different topics related to sustainability and climate change mitigation, which are two of the main topics I have been studying during my environmental engineering career. I also appreciated a lot the willingness and support of the whole team in welcoming our new ideas and letting us some space for their development in order to create innovative projects.

Mariana, Italy

This internship at IrRADIARE was my first experience in a multidisciplinary company, and I was pleasantly surprised to discover how the structure works and how international projects can be managed, with a nice team. This experience contributed to enrich my vision of the world, both from a professional and a personal perspective, connecting with people from various countries and discovering a new working environment. It also allowed me to improve my knowledge and put into practice what I am learning as part of my engineering course. Thanks a lot!

Jade, France

When I started my internship at IrRADIARE in early March, I never imagined that I could have such a enriching and complete experience as I did during this period. IrRADIARE proved to be a multicultural company, operating in diverse fields, allowing me to gain diverse knowledge and experiences. One of the aspects that struck me the most was the diversity of people and cultures that work or intern at IrRADIARE. I had never had the opportunity to meet and work with so many people from different countries. It was excellent for developing my communication skills in every sense. Another very positive aspect was the opportunity to participate in a project through all its stages, from planning to its public outreach, even representing the role of a mascot. In addition to gaining confidence in my work and ability to integrate into a team, this internship was very challenging and stimulating, as it allowed me to apply what I have been learning about multimedia in real projects. Finally, I would to thank to the entire IrRADIARE team and particularly to all those who worked directly with me. It was a privilege.

Gaspar, Portugal

During my 3 months internship to IrRADIARE I had the chance to work with different European projects, that were related to the spatial planning field, that help me understand in practice how a project works. The process of learning several tools and programs was for sure something, that will help me in the future. Also, it was great, that all interns had the space of expressing their opinion and suggest new ideas and projects. Everyone in the office was really friendly and helpful with any issue. Above all, Lisbon and Portugal in general is a great place to live and experience.

Melina, Greece

My internship in IrRADIARE was truly a great experience. As a student, the beginning in the profession can sometimes be hard in integration logic. But, thanks to the whole team, I was able to be efficient in a very short time. About the daily tasks, I had the possibility of working on a large panel of fields, such as environment, digital democracy, economy, which is mandatory to integrate all the aspects of consulting. But the daily tasks were also marked by their diversity. Beside this, IrRADIARE is a company which believes in its trainees. In this sense, they quickly gave us the possibility of being part of important projects, which constitute a key for your confidence. Thanks to the « concept lab », they also let the trainees propose their ideas on the fields of work covered by the company. All of this, permits me to say that IrRADIARE was a very good experience which provided me all the keys to evolve with confidence in my future in the profession.

Remi, France

My internship at IrRADIARE was a great opportunity to gain a better understanding of the main EU funding programmes. Furthermore, the international environment made the experience even more enjoyable and allowed for a great sharing of perspectives on sustainability related issues. Another important point is the respect shown to interns and the value the company gives to their work!

Aurora Circhetta, Italy

During my 4-month internship at IrRADIARE as a web designer, I had the privilege of working in a multidisciplinary company. The IrRADIARE team gave me a warm welcome and showed a genuine interest in my professional development. I had the opportunity to take part in various projects that allowed me to exploit my web design skills while exploring other areas such as video, web development, graphic design and communication. To sum up, my internship at IrRADIARE as a web designer was extremely rewarding. I was able to develop my skills, collaborate with a talented and diverse team, and contribute to concrete projects with a significant impact on the environment. I'm deeply grateful to IrRADIARE for giving me this opportunity.

Aurélie Clodion, France

My internship at IrRADIARE in Brussels was truly an unforgettabel experience. Due to the European environment and my amazing colleagues I’ve been able to become a true European professional. I’ve been able to work on many different projects and reports and have been able to visit a lot of different EU buildings and events. I’ve additionally learned a great deal about sustainability, hydrogen and digitalization. I have thoroughly enjoyed my interrnship period at the office in Brussels and online with the people from Lisbon as everyone was very open and welcoming. Brussels is a very international and interesting city, and I have enjoyed experiencing the European bubble. Thank you to everyone at IrRADIARE for the guidance and the welcoming atmosphere. I hope that in the future our paths will cross again!

Marije Mijnhardt, Netherlands

I have conducted my internship at IrRADIARE remotely. Though it is not the same as being in presence, I still got the opportunity to collaborate with other interns and departments, and could feel like a part of the team. I have learned a tremendous amount of knowledge regarding European projects which aim to achieve SDG's and further goals of the European Union. I have had the opportunity to research and get to know about various partners and initiatives among different municipalities in Portugal. The weekly feedbacks made me feel that I was being taken care of. My biggest learning area has been about learning calls & tenders of the European Union and developing concepts for projects accordinly. I am grateful for the experience and would definitely reccomend any student to carry out their internships at IrRADIARE.

Özen Buket Aksoy, Turkey

My internship experience at IrRADIARE was unique. I was given the opportunity to come into contact with interesting people and competent professionals. I learned a lot about European projects and how an idea can be transformed into a complete proposal with a clear vision and goal. Everyday life in the office was enjoyable thanks to the excellent IrRADIARE staff.

Maria Panagiota Petsonia, Greece

My internship at IrRADIARE, in Lisbon, was truly an inspiring and positive experience. During my time there, I was given the opportunity to engage in a wide range of challenging and diverse tasks, which allowed me to gain invaluable experience in various aspects of the company's operations. From conducting sustainability standards research to assisting in project development, I was able to assume significant responsibilities that pushed me to grow both personally and professionally. My favourite task was drafting an entire report for an inspiring and creative European project proposal: I got to see how a European project is entirely developed and submitted.
The working environment at IrRADIARE was welcoming, the people I collaborated with were not only knowledgeable and experienced but also incredibly helpful, kind and always willing to provide valuable advice. Additionally, living in Portugal turned out to be even more surprising and emotionally fulfilling than I had anticipated. The culture, breath-taking landscapes and friendly people made my stay truly unforgettable. I am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of IrRADIARE and to have gained such a remarkable internship experience.

Isabel Messori, Italy

My sustainability internship experience at IrRADIARE, in Lisbon, has been a wonderful opportunity to explore my interests, while gaining valuable skills that will undoubtedly contribute to my future career growth. Among the diverse range of tasks that I was given, I really appreciated being able to work on projects that allowed me to combine my passion for sustainability with creativity and innovation, giving me a unique perspective on how art and culture can contribute to a more sustainable future. Assisting the development of European-funded projects was challenging and rewarding, and it was inspiring to see how a simple idea could transform into a fully-fledged proposal with the potential to make a positive impact on society.
The collaborative and supportive work environment at IrRADIARE made the internship experience even more enjoyable, and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with such a welcoming team. Their willingness to provide guidance and support, while also allowing me the autonomy to develop my skills and knowledge on my own, really is a testament to their commitment to nurturing the professional growth of their interns.

Sabrina Fiore, Italy

I had the privilege of undertaking a six-month internship at IrRADIARE and it was an incredible experience that will stay with me. Throughout the internship, I was given the opportunity to work on several projects, which allowed me to improve my skills and apply what I had learned in university. The team at IrRADIARE was incredibly supportive, providing guidance and mentorship. I also got the chance to collaborate with colleagues from different countries, which broadened my perspective and gave me a better understanding of cultural differences in the workplace. My colleagues at IrRADIARE were warm and welcoming, making me feel like a part of their family. Working at IrRADIARE also gave me the chance to learn more about the European Union and its various initiatives. I was amazed of the projects that the company was involved in, and it was fascinating to see how they were impacting the environment and society. In addition to the professional growth, I also had an unforgettable personal experience. Lisbon is a beautiful city, and I had the opportunity to explore its rich culture and history. Overall, my time at IrRADIARE was very instructive, and I would recommend this internship to anyone looking to broaden their horizons and gain valuable experience.

Paul Hadenfeldt, Germany

During my Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs exchange in IrRadiare I was able to learn a lot about the Portuguese entrepreneurial ecosystem and of course about the culture in this beautiful country. We worked on joint project proposals to share the experience and expertise of IrRadiare in other regions, especially in Ukraine to tackle the issues with Black Sea pollution. After returning back to Poland we continued our cooperation and I hope we will work together in the future on the creation of projects across different areas and countries.

Max Grant, Ukraine

Although my time at IrRADIARE was short, I gained a lot from this incredible experience. I was able to work in my areas of interest such as Circular Economy, Social Issues and Sustainability. I just have to thank the whole team at IrRADIARE for giving me this learning opportunity.

Tomás Moura, Portugal

This summer I was lucky enough to do a 3-month internship at IrRADIARE and it was for me one of the most beautiful and exciting experiences of my life. I was mainly involved in a project related to the implementation of digital marketing strategies, i.e. how the company could offer online events and attract both consumers and its partners. I had the good fortune to meet fantastic people, to work in a team, to exchange productive ideas, to improve my skills, I learnt some Portuguese and had the opportunity to do a workshop for a few days in Spain with the other trainees. I was welcomed into the company with open arms and it became a second family for me and I would repeat the experience if it were possible. Obrigada!

Giada Geruzzi, Italy

I had opportunity to do my internship in Irradiare. It was excellent period of time I experienced as an life adventure. During six months I improved my english skills, gained knowledge about European Union projects and met a lot of amazing people from various countries. Because of my field of study power engineering and background I participated in engineering projects. It was great opportunity to improve teamwork skills moreover in international environment. Everyone in the office is nice and helpful what create very friendly atmosphere. I'm glad to spent my holidays in Irradiare.

Mateusz Szczygieł, Poland

The three-month internship at IrRADIARE represented my first contact with a foreign company and an immeasurable professional experience, in the sense of expanding my worldview, connecting with people of other nationalities, and contact with projects related to the engineering environment at the European and international level. Today, after three months, I finish my internship with a more mature and open mindset of what I want for my academic and professional future in perspective of wanting to work even harder on projects with a positive impact on the environment and society in the areas of sanitation, management, and decarbonization. In addition, I made some friendships that taught me a lot, which I developed enormous affection, for and which I hope to take with me for the rest of my life. Do an internship in Europe and live here for a while was a dream and I am very grateful to IrRadiare and the city of Lisbon for making it come true. Muito obrigada!

Clarissa Adamatti, Brasil

I am very grateful for my experience in IrRadiare. I worked here for two months and although my traineeship may seem very short, I had the opportunity to improve my knowledge and apply in a pragmatic way what I learned from my university concerning business administration. I liked the environment in the office and the energy among the staff.

Mina Digioia, Italy

My internship experience at IrRADIARE has lasted 2 months. Even in a so short time I learnt a lot about the topics of which I care the most about such as sustainable development, EU projects and events, urban development, circular economy. Being a Master student in Environmental economics with a Bachelor degree in International relations and EU studies, it was a perfect match! I could not be more grateful to the managers and the whole team which is very friendly and constantly supporting. I definitely recommend this experience to other students like me in the beautiful Lisbon.

Valentina Catucci, Italy

I am very grateful to IrRadiare for the enriching professional experience I had there. During those six months spent in Lisbon, I enjoyed many possibilities to apply the knowledge gained in university. Those include a variety of projects related to topics such as Smart Communities in European regions, LIFE proposals, or sustainable initiatives for Portuguese municipalities. For all those tasks, I could count on a very welcoming and helpful team that allowed me to gain direct knowledge on issues like EU project funding. Finally, I had the opportunity to work with an international team including interns coming from many different countries with which I could develop language skills but most importantly great friendships!

Nicolas Isoz, Switzerland

I am very grateful to have been part of the team at "IrRADIARE". It was a unique experience, where I could learn more software tools and put them into practice. Technologies are part of us and we are part of them. Furthermore, I was able to participate in projects beyond my area. The people are extremely well disposed, friendly, and willing to work, because everyone likes what they do, which makes the work easier to do. I loved learning more skills during the four months of internship. I am very thankful for everything!

Bárbara Santos, Portugal

My internship at IrRADIARE was enriching and valuable. During my almost three months as an intern, I specially learned a lot about sustainability and smart communities, topics which I actually really enjoy. Besides, I am grateful for having discovered the amazing city of Lisbon which will definitely stay in my heart! Thank you IrRADIARE Team. Muito obrigada!

Amaia Martinicorena, Spain

I’m really thankful for the experience I had at IrRadiare. Everyone at the office is friendly and helpful and the environment is great. I really enjoyed finally putting what I learned in university into practice and be able to work with projects related to sustainability and the environment. Not only did I acquire a range of different skills that will be valuable for my future career, but I also had the opportunity to meet amazing people.

Julieta Cardoso, Portugal

If I look back, I feel so grateful for my time at IrRADIARE. During an only 3 months internship I have learned many things and I had different chances. When you leave your country to move abroad in order to work, maybe it seems daunting but from my experience people at IrRADIARE are so congeniality, working environment is really positive, efficient and healthy as well. As an intern I had the chance to work in different European Projects and I participated in interesting events and acts concerning different projects. I have enriched both my skills and abilities and going forward I will definitely need and exploit these new acquisitions. Last but not least, keep in mind that Lisbon is an amazing city and beyond a doubt it has my heart now. Thank you kindly IrRADIARE team!

Panagiota Savvidou, Greece

Looking back at my time at IrRADIARE, I can say that I am extremely grateful for the things that I have learned during my 5-month-long internship. Leaving your country and putting yourself out there can seem intimidating sometimes, but luckily, everyone I met at IrRADIARE was very helpful, and the work atmosphere was always positive. It’s the little things, like getting flowers on International Women’s Day from colleagues or the morning coffee conversations with the many other interns, that made IrRADIARE a safe space for me. During my time at IrRADIARE I have worked on interesting projects, such as the development of sustainable initiatives for a municipality or research on the concept of green nudges in energy communities. I have no doubts that I will use the skills that I have gained during my internship at IrRADIARE in my future career. Muito obrigrada e adeus Lisboa!

Dilara Manaz, Germany

My experience at IrRADIARE has been really enriching both from a professional and from a personal perspective. I had the opportunity to get a practical viewpoint on the topics that I am studying at university participating into sustainability-related projects. Moreover, I gained a deeper understanding of the European projects processes, which I know will be indispensable in my future working experiences. I also had a beautiful human experience with IrRADIARE team, where everyone was welcoming and happy to help me, and I got to know many foreign trainees that as of today I can call friends.

Arielle Bindi, Italy

I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity that I was given by IrRadiare. In only three months I have experienced a multitude of working contexts and I have developed my skills, my knowledge, and abilities. The working environment is dynamic, modern, flexible, inspiring, and fun thanks to the multicultural team and what I enjoyed the most was working in the field of sustainability and EU projects. My task was one of the most engaging and interesting things I have done so far. This experience made me grow professionally and personally and I believe it is a perfect springboard for my future career.
Boa sorte no futuro, obrigada!

Mihaela Madalina, Italy

My internship in IrRADIARE was best possible experience with working in international company. In my home country I study law and I really appreciate that I had the chance to interconnect my legal knowledge with working on projects related to smart communities, improvement of education within European Union and new technologies and inventions related to environment. What I liked the most about my internship was how welcoming and friendly was the whole team. Last but not least, Lisbon is an amazing city and I am very grateful to IrRADIARE for giving me this opportunity.

Viktória Achbergerová, Slovakia

I spent at IrRADARE six months. During my internship, I gained new professional and personal skills that will be valuable for my future carrier. My internship was focused on European projects, mostly about smart communities and sustainability. Working in an international team with other interns and colleagues was a fantastic experience. Even more in a such a beautiful city as Lisbon. I would like to thank all the IrRADIARE team for giving me this opportunity!

Tereza Tureničová, Slovakia

I am grateful that I had the opportunity to do my traineeship at IrRADIARE. This experience has allowed me to gain knowledge about European projects, environmental management and It has given me the opportunity to meet wonderful coworkers ! Thanks for everything!

Tina Iulia Lupsan, Spain

Despite being for five weeks only, my internship at Irradiare was a very valuable experience. It felt great to be finally able to deploy my university-attained knowledge about sustainable policy and energy law in practical contexts. Thanks to the international and dynamic team at Irradiare, I gained motivating insights into the professional field behind my current studies of International Relations. Muito Obrigado!

Gereon Wintz, Germany

An interesting and laid back environment where you can meet wonderful people and have a really good time. A nice company to stay at to have some good time in Lisbon.

Yvan De Luise, Italy

My internship in IrRADIARE was just great. I wanted to learn new things, travel around a beautiful country and I wanted to meet inspiring people that are professionals in environmental and European topics. All my requirements were fulfilled in IrRADIARE. I am really happy that I was able to see the theoretical knowledge in real life, discover how many opportunities there are and represent my region and my ideas in discussions and workshops with people from all around the world. Here you will find out how the European projects work, how the financing is set up and what you need to do to make your project work. You will be working with a team of motivated people working on interesting projects in many topics such as sustainability, green environment, digitalisation or connectivity. Even though my internship was during pandemic times, I really enjoyed my time here as I was able to work with the team in the office and travel around beautiful Lisbon and Portugal.. Ďakujem IrRADIARE a ďakujem Portugalsko.

Matúš Lazarčík, Slovakia

I spent six months in IrRADIARE, during which I got to participate in manifold ongoing projects. They were related to diverse topics: from rural development to culture or climate change. Besides being given quite a lot of freedom to organise my tasks by myself, the best part of the overall experience was the teamwork built with the rest of my colleagues. I’m glad I had this professional and personal opportunity. Muito obrigada!

Belén Coarasa Molina, Spain

I would like to thank IrRADIARE for giving me the opportunity to work in such a friendly and professional environment full of experiences. I wish I had the opportunity to stay for more than three months and learn a lot more. My experience in this company was unique and certainly unforgettable. It was the first time I had the opportunity to see how a company works from the inside. Lastly, I will also remember the people I met, both interns and colleagues, and the outstanding Lisbon. Obrigada IrRADIARE

Maria Xydopoulou, Greece

My internship at IrRadiare has been a great experience since I had the opportunity to work in a professional and multicultural environment. These 3 months enriched me at personal and professional level, and it was amazing to have the opportunity to work in presence in the office, sharing ideas and knowledge among the colleagues. It gave me also an insight of the European framework and EU projects in the context of sustainability, smart communities, and green cities and I could personally contribute to the work of the company. I'm thankful for this opportunity and for the time I've spent in Lisbon, a city that I love! Muito Obrigada!

Irene Fornaia, Italy

I am very grateful for having had the opportunity of working at IrRADIARE for three months. I have developed some marketing knowledge that I had previously acquired in my university career and it has helped me to have a clearer idea of what I want to do in the future. I had the oportunity of working in a multicultural team and discovering this amazing city I fell in love with, Lisbon. Obrigada!

Andrea, Spain

Having the opportunity to do my internship at IrRadiare is one of the experiences that enriched me the most, both from the point of view of my future career, as well as culturally, personally and in relationship with others. I have worked with EU projects, where I learned how to approach the many opportunities that the EU projects, such as development, smart communities and many others topics for a more sustainable future, a fundamental importance for my generation. As a bachelor student it helped me grow and marked a decisive step in what I am going to do in the future. In IrRadiare I found a supportive, communicative team that even during remote work tried to keep the moments of sociality even at a distance. Professionalism and inclusion are two distinctive characteristics of the team, I am glad to have been part of it. Muito obrigada!

Tommasina, Italy

As a Master student of European Affairs, I have to admit I have learnt more about this subject during my 3-month internship at IrRADIARE than in my first academic year. Being an intern at IrRADIARE is beneficial to all kinds of people. On the one hand, it enables EU beginners to get a valuable insight into the competences and opportunities of the EU. On the other hand, it allows EU affairs professionals-to-be to apply and extend their practical knowledge. IrRADIARE offers much more to its interns: a welcoming team of colleagues, the possibility to take on responsibility and the experience of taking initiative and leadership. Empowering!

Margherita, France

My internship was based on a research topic concerning the use of a geographic information system software coupled with environmental indicators. The subject was transverse but also complementary to my university training which is geology. I learned a lot about the management and distribution of energy at the Portuguese and European levels. I developed technical skills on the QGIS software which will be essential for my future career as this type of software is used in many companies and research departments in my field of activity. I wasn’t lucky enough to be able to work on the company's site because of the health situation, but the people I was able to talk to and work with were always available and benevolent to me. Company meetings were organized every week to keep in touch with each other.

Célestine, France

Pursuing an internship at IrRADIARE was definitely a unique and enriching experience. During the three months as an intern, I gained so many personal and professional competencies, that will be very useful for my future working experiences. It was amazing to work in a wide range of European projects, where I had the chance to learn more about culture, sustainability, smart communities, among other subjects.

Joana, Portugal

Working with the IrRADIARE team on the development of European Projects was a very valuable experience. I have really appreciated the responsibility from day one. In my opinion, the best thing about doing the internship for this company is the interdisciplinary approach and welcoming international environment. Meanwhile working on business and financial management for the projects I had the chance to collaborate with other talented professionals and gain experience in the field of sustainable development, smart communities and environmental engineering. I am glad I took part in this exciting process in such a beautiful city like Lisbon. Obrigada, all the best!

Patricia, Slovakia

Working at irRADIARE for five months has been a unique and enriching experience, both professionally and personally. I have been able to start to know how the European Union works, smart communities and put my knowledge and skills into practice and develop some skills such as teamwork and working on deadlines. Also, I had the opportunity to work with amazing coworkers, make friends and discover Lisbon, a welcoming and energetic city where it is amazing how easy it is to feel at home in just a few weeks.

ANA, Spain

Although in smart working, my experience at IrRADIARE is entirely positive and I am really grateful to have had this opportunity! Thanks to the many projects the company carries out, I had the opportunity to put into practice some of the skills I acquired during my studies at university and to work closely with sustainability and life cycle analysis methodologies. I think it was an opportunity to grow both personally and professionally. At the same time, thanks to IrRADIARE I managed to have a good balance between personal life and work, so I also had the chance to discover little by little the beautiful Lisbon and the wonderful Portugal. Obrigada.


Despite spending the majority of time in home-office, working at IrRADIARE was a really great experience. I was able to work on a number of enriching European projects, allowing me to develop my skills and knowledge on a soft as well as hard skill basis. On top of that the team was incredibly welcoming and made this experience unforgettable in the best way possible!

Josephine, British-Dutch

Spending time at IrRADIARE as an energy engineer has not only been perfect for implementing things learned in practice, but also expanded my knowledge on sustainability and climate change. Working with international young professionals from various areas has been a great adventure and driver of self-improvement.

László, Hungary

As an intern at Irradiare I had the chance to join amazing teams with different backgrounds. The projects I was involved were challenging from the beginning and the diversity of topics about innovation, SMEs, capacity building on climate change, waste management, energy poverty, among others, sparked my creativity and improved my technical skills. Being in a remote internship also gave the possibility to attend virtual events in Portugal and get practical knowledge about the management of European projects. In overall, I would highly recomend it even remotly for the numerous professional growth opportunities.

Héctor, Colombia

Being an intern at IrRADIARE was an amazing opportunity to participate in different European projects related to sustainability, recycling, and social media. As well as, I developed my skills, gained more knowledge and experience. Also, I came to a stunning city, Lisbon, which is a beautiful and unique city with a lot of culture, definitely I recommend it.

Cecilia, Italy

My internship at IrRADIARE was an amazing experience. I was able to get fully involved in the development of European Projects on sustainability and work in a multicultural environment. This has provided me with knowledge not only about several sustainability-related topics, but also about the insights of the development of European Projects. Moreover, I had the opportunity to discover the beautiful city of Lisbon and to gain new friendships. I would definitely recommend having this experience.

María, Spain

Although it was for a short period of time and remotely, my internship at IrRADIARE allowed me to have a first contact with the professional world. For about a month I was able to develop some projects with a team that allowed me to improve not only technical skills but also soft skills. In short, this internship was an advantage for the future.

Inês, Portugal

Working at irRADIARE has been very enriching, both on a professional and personal level. I have been able to develop my skills and gain confidence and expertise. In addition, I have had the chance to participate in projects related to climate change, sustainability and the environment, which is my main objective and passion. I also discovered Lisbon and all its beauty, it is a stunning city, and since I arrived I felt at home. In a nutshell, I believe that this experience gives you the opportunity to guide your professional career and boost it!

Sara, Spain

I had the opportunity to work with Irradiare as a sustainability projects intern for 3 months. During this time, I improved my technical skills, understanding the overall process involved in sustainability consulting and expanded my network. Lisbon is a very beautiful city and I thoroughly enjoyed my stay here, I would recommend it to anyone who wants a practical exposure in the field of sustainability!

Sam, 27, Italy

For five months I did my internship at IrRADIARE where I was able to participate in European projects, develop my skills and work in the field of sustainable development.

Diego, 27, Spain

It was a great experience for me to be part of the Irradiare team. During my 6 months of internship, I participated in many European projects. I had the opportunity to learn about project processes, project planning and programming. I believe that being a part of this organization can help me to consolidate my career.

Berrak, Turkey

Even though I worked from home during my internship due to COVID-19, I never felt left out. IrRADIARE co-workers made me feel I was part of the team and that was very reassuring. I developed my creative skills and broadened my horizons about sustainability.

João, 21, Portugal

Working as an intern for IrRADIARE, although remotely, was an incredibly rich experience I highly recommend. The team makes you feel at ease, while being professional. This is not an internship for lazy people! I was involved in different projects, where everyone taught me a lot about Smart projects and sustainability. My opinions were always heard, giving me the opportunity to express my creativity freely.

Lorenzo, Italy

Working at IrRADIARE was a great chance to develop my skills related to project management aimed at sustainable development. I highly recommend this internship as it offers an amazing opportunity to be part of a multicultural team, aware of the European reality. Other than that, Portugal is a wonderful country and definitely worth experiencing.

Antonio, 24, Italy

My experience at IrRADIARE allowed me to acquire new skills and directly put them into practice in a real context. I came from an economics background but I asked to work more in the programming field where I learned how to deal with many new programs and programming language like Python. Even if it is an internship you have the feeling to be part of an organization where everybody does its part and it is essential to reach the company goals. Other than the job aspect, living in Lisbon is an experience that changes your life for the better. If you still have doubts don't think more about it and join IrRADIARE you will never regret it!

Raffaelo, Italy

During my internship with Irradiare I had the opportunity to explore new topics, broaden my horizons and compare myself with people from all over the world. It was a great opportunity for growth, even more precious in this difficult historical moment.

Flavia, 30, Italy

Despite working remotely due to the pandemic, my six months at IrRADIARE allowed me to develop concrete project planning skills while learning about key trends of sustainable development. I very much recommend this internship as it offers the opportunity to work not only in a multicultural and motivated team, but also with local and international stakeholders. Eventually, I believe that the people I met, the knowledge I learned and the skills I built will be an asset to enter the job market in the field of European Affairs.

Rose, 24, France

My internship at IrRADIARE offered a very warm environment where I had the ability to gain experience in international teamwork even though I worked remotely from my country due to the pandemic. I was assigned tasks that challenged me in the field of remote sensing and I was asked to create a model using satellite data to increase the intelligence of territorial management. The company gave me the opportunity to put my class room skills to the test in real world circumstances. Finally, I would like to thank my colleagues whose unique innovative spirit undoubtedly inspired me for my future professional steps after graduation.

Akis, Greece

Life changed suddenly for the whole world when COVID-19 arrived. But despite the difficult times, our dreams must continue, so I started my experience in Lisbon at IrRADIARE. I had the opportunity to work with an excellent team who always trusted me when it came to bring my design and communication skills to the projects. Also, the possibility of being able to carry out field work with my camera in hand, and the chance to meet new people (even through a screen), completed this unique experience.

Cecilia, 23, Spain

Thanks to IrRADIARE I had the opportunity to work in an incredible team that was always ready to help and thanks to which I was able to develop my skills as a designer in a lot of different interesting projects related to sustainability. From the first day, I felt part of the team and I am very happy for the trust that everyone placed in me and the way in which they always valued my work. Although it was not the ideal situation to do an internship due to the pandemic, I can definitely say that staying in Lisbon for three months working at IrRADIARE was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had, both personally and professionally.

Ana, 23, Spain

During these three months I had the opportunity to work with an excellent team, participated in different projects and acquired new knowledge and experience. Even by working from home, due to the pandemic, I could feel part of the team, a great working environment. So it was a wonderful experience working with a team of well prepared professionals and full of important projects which direct contribute to development a sustainable society.

Fabiane, 27, Brazil

The internship at IrRADIARE was undoubtedly a unique experience. The social moments were definitely important and for a moment made us forget the whole situation we were experiencing this year. The work team and all the communication involved in the tasks were exceptional, which also allowed for a great working environment. I just want to add that it was an enriching experience both professionally and personally.

Daniela, 24, Portugal

My time at IrRADIARE surpassed my expectations for what an internship can provide. The team was great and always ready to help, they were always concerned about providing me with real opportunities to learn and better myself. This was an experience that I will for sure take with me for a very long time.

Fernando, 24, Portugal

My internship at IrRADIARE surpassed all of my expectations. Since this was my first work experience, I felt a bit scared at first, but thankfully I worked with a wonderful team that did everything possible to help me at all times. And even though I worked from home, I could feel the great work environment that IrRADIARE has. I left this internship excited with everything that I learned and with a lot more confidence for my next professional experience.

Lucca, 21, Portugal

When i first applied for this internship i was scared i would not fit the job, because it was the first time on the job market and doing something that was not related to my area of study. The global situation wasn’t ideal too, however since day one i felt like a part of the team. Everyone was always ready to help us, to guide us when we needed guidance and that made me feel secure and excited about all the tasks. Even though it was a remote internship the connection with all the Team was so incredible! Every Friday we joint on a Online Call and just talked about everything (but work), did a lot of games to know each other and this made these 3 months feel like a week. I left this internship with new ambitions, new learnings, but with a heavy heart for leaving these persons i truly feel inspirated about. I have no words to thank all IrRADIARE members, because they did this awful pandemic situation feel a lot more lighter. This internship made me improve a lot of skills and discover new ones i didn't knew i had. I hope you enjoy this experience as much as i did.

Rita, 20, Portugal

I always wanted to do something meaningful and positively remarkable for society and the environment. I had this chance during my internship at IrRadiare despite the fact that it was a remote internship. During my experience, I faced tasks and challenges in the field of European projects (green hydrogen energy, smart cities, Europe digitalising etc.), sustainability and overcame them also thanks to the support of the great team. I learned a lot of things and became familiar with Europe developing vector. An internship has made me more confident and even more passionate about Sustainable & International Development. It was a great journey of continuous learning and developing.

Elena, 23, Saint Petersburg

After two months of my return home, I am still thinking about experience in Portugal, from the beginning to the end. Unfortunately, I had to leave sooner, because of the Covid-19. Even though my internship was the most interesting and adventurous experience in my life. Not only the working time in the office but every second, which I could spend with people and knowing Portuguese culture, Lisbon, and surrounding areas. It was the first time I lived alone without my family and friends. I can say it was the best decision to go despite it was not so easy. During my experience, I learned many new things, overcame myself, and I met a lot of friendly people who were very kind and helpful. This journey made me stronger, more self-confident and it learnt me to enjoy the present time. I really miss the peaceful life which was everywhere around me. Many times I had felt like in a dream. For sure, this experience will be in my heart forever. To the end, little advice for the next trainees – the 25th of February is the day off. Don't come to the office!

Barbora, 24, Slovakia

Thanks to IrRADIARE I was able to learn a lot about European environmental projects. Even though my internship was interrupted by Covid-19, the company was amazing! We worked from home, but the connection, helpfulness, and professionalism of coworkers was priceless!

Monika, 22, Slovakia

IrRADIARE was not only a workplace where I expanded my knowledge but also a safe place to feel calm and focused on my work. I think I have absorbed a lot of knowledge from this experience: in addition to the study path itself (programming applied to data analysis with pycharm and TensorFlow), I lived for the first time alone without my family, and this experience has broadened my horizons both personally and culturally. I was part of a fantastic team, Flávia and Elsa were very kind, and during my stay at IrRADIARE, I met many people of my age, including some Italians guys. I felt involved and passionate about the hydrogen project, and although it didn't last long it certainly impressed me. I hope to be able to return and work to IrRADIARE in the future, perhaps by visiting their Brussels office next time.

Michela, 22, Italy

I found IrRADIARE in my university webpage and I think it's a good opportunity to gain international experience and improve languages.

Noemi, 22, Spain

Thanks to this experience I improved my design and communication skills, as well as I developed myself in the context of European projects and sustainability. Also, I could work and spend time with people from different countries, which allowed me to enhance my English skills. At the same time, I discovered the beautiful city of Lisbon and its surroundings.

María, 22, Spain

I applied for this internship program because I wanted to gain more knowledge and experience in the field of urban policies and territorial planning. Here I was lucky to find a great team of talented interns and we created so many beautiful memories together.

Diana, 27, Romania

Three months in which I went through what is being done in the European Union about sustainability and climate change and also what Portugal does about that in its municipalities. A good opportunity to learn, meet nice interns and discover Lisbon.

Diego, 24, Spain

It has been an amazing experience both personal and professional. On the one hand, I could develop my design skills, time management and learnt about how European projects work. On the other hand, I could improve my English and learnt a little bit of Portuguese. Besides, I’ve loved being able to work with many other interns from different countries and backgrounds.

Marta, 22, Spain

I spent three very enjoyable months. It was my first step in professional life and I am very happy about this experience. I would like to thank all interns, colleagues and Sebastião.

Ezgi, 22, Turkey

In IrRADIARE we are many students in training so it creates an atmosphere that makes you feel at home.

Aurora, 22, Spain

Lisbon is an amazing city with a lot of culture and it has been incredible living here. Also being at IrRADIARE with the rest of the interns from other countries and being in such a nice environment was a lovely experience.

Ana, 22, Spain

After my graduation I accepted the challenge at IrRADIARE because I wanted to have a formative job experience in the field of Sustainable Development, Smart Cities and European project. I really enjoyed the friendly, quiet, kind, comfortable and multicultural atmosphere of the work office. Thanks to this internship I met lots of new friends, I developed my designing and personal management skills, I improved my English skills, I learned a bit of Portuguese and, finally, I had the chance to stay in the gorgeous city of Lisbon and to explore the Portuguese culture and other beautiful towns of this Country.

Ilenia, 26, Italy

IrRADIARE has exceeded my expectations: not only I have worked on the field of sustainability and development, but I have also found life-long friends and an amazing team. Here I felt at home, even if my real home is far away from Lisbon.

Fulvia Iannotta, 22, Italy

My goal in IrRADIARE was to learn how national and european environmental projects work. Also I wanted to learn and improve my portuguese until I could be an advanced portuguese speaker.

Aura, 25, Spain

My experience in IrRADIARE has been really good, I’ve been learning a lot of stuff about graphic design and content development for social networks. The office is super calm and friendly. We feel like home here!

Mónica Silva, 20, Portugal

Until now my experience in IrRADIARE has been positive, I’ve learned different ways to improve my designing skills. The company's work space is very relaxed and friendly, everyone gets along and help each other.

Débora Barros, 20, Portugal

I applied through a government program for a summer internship. So far I've learned a lot about communication network, digital content and social media management. This experience has made a huge impact in my resume!

Rebeca, 20, Portugal

In IrRADIARE I learned a lot of things about programming, electronics and networks. With this experience I accomplished other things like working in an office that is so calm and friendly and also making friends from other countries.

Inês, 20, Portugal

I applied because I was looking for a formative experience in the field of European project planning for sustainability and development, and IrRADIARE was among the best options I found. Second, the possibility of doing the internship abroad, in a country that is developing and performing well, like Portugal, and in a multi-cultural environment, definitely convinced me to accept this challenge.

Pier Paolo, 24, Italy

“Inclusion” is the first word which bumps into my mind. No matter how old you are or where you're from, you will always feel part of this team from the very first day. IrRADIARE is a 100% proactive company and is a stimulating work place. Surely memorable!

Michela, 24, Italy

I met IrRADIARE because of the Erasmus European Program. When I applied I had an interview via skype and without nothing I was in Portugal!

Manuel, 24, Spain

I found IrRADIARE in an internship website after searching for many months. When I read the job description I found the opportunity interesting for me to both visit Portugal and work with environmental engineering.

Irem, 21, Turkey

In this company, I was warmly welcomed and the people who work here are very helpful and kind.

The projects which I'm working on are connected with the degree that I’m taking - Environmental Engineering - and also we are learning practical ways to save the environment.

Before coming here I wasn't sure if was a good idea to go alone to a new country without knowing anyone, but now I think that it was the best decision ever.

Patryk, 23, Poland

IrRADIARE is Innovation, Sustainability and Challenge.

Alina, 31, Italy

With IrRADIARE I got a new perspective of the environment and started thinking about sustainable economy. At the university, they taught us that the main goal is to GDP growth and maximize profits in companies. But in today's environmental crisis, nature and sustainability need to be taken into account.

Mária, 24, Slovakia

I choose IrRADIARE, because after my graduation I wanted to find a first real job in the area which I was studying, which means International Relations and the European Union. I was also impressed by the references about this company, which were given to me by my friend, who previously worked here. IrRADIARE represents a perfect combination of what I was looking for: professional experience, development of my skills and also location in the beautiful country of Portugal.

Martina, 24, Slovakia

My friend recommended me this internship and provided contact information. I liked the experience of my friend, so I sent my CV to IrRADIARE via email and successfully got in.

Stanislava, 24, Slovakia

The most funny thing that happened to me was in the first days as intern in IrRADIARE. I was working in the office when suddenly I felt that something under the table was licking my leg. Then I looked under the desk and I met the mascot of our company - Sebastião. I was shocked because I have never seen a dog in an office, but now I know that IrRADIARE is a dog-friendly company.

Lukas, 24, Slovakia

My main goal when I applied to IrRADIARE was to gain international experience while improving both my English and my Portuguese in a context of multiculturality, interdisciplinarity and sustainability.

Emílio, 23, Spain

I choose IrRADIARE because it’s a company that takes care of sustainability and European projects. They are known for receive a lot of European students and so it was the perfect occasion to explore this topics in a good environment.

Chiara, 23, Italy

In Slovak I met a girl that did her internship in IrRADIARE. We had a talk and she told me about the company which she recommended to me. I didn´t hesitate and wrote an email to Elsa Nunes. The hiring process was smooth and I am glad that now I can do my internship here.

Tatiana, 24, Slovakia



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newsletter #25
March 2023

Topics: World water day; SuperP2G conference; Interns opinion on greenwashing.

newsletter #24
February 2023

Topics: Multiplying the Rs in industrial innovation; ITS European Congress 2023; Interns opinion about; Career opportunities.

newsletter #23
January 2023

Topics: Horizon Europe info day; 1sr European mission EMif; Trainees' opinions about the smart health; Career opportunities.

newsletter #22


December 2022

Topics: H2020-AURORAL; DIGITAL GO; Trainees' opinion about public transport system; Career opportunities.

newsletter #21
November 2022

Topics: Aquacombine; 2050 CliMobCity; Trainees' opinion about Smart mobility; Career opportunities.

newsletter #20
October 2022

Topics: EU CITY FACILITY; Green Cities Europe; Trainees' opinions about resources applied to smart communities; Career opportunities.

newsletter #19
June 2022

Topics: REFFECT AFRICA; How green is your lifestyle?; Trainee's opinion about innovative renewable energy souces; Career opportunities.

newsletter #18
May 2022

Topics: LIFE CLIVUT - Planting trees;BLUEFASMA - Aquaponics Iberia visit; Trainees' tips for a sustainable summer; Career opportunities.

newsletter #17
April 2022

Topics: SMILE; Sustainability Fair; European Regions Summit For Smart Communities; Trainees' opinion about smart communities; Career opportunities.

newsletter #16
March 2022

Topics: Halophytes go Circular event; COP15 Global Biodiversity negotitations; Trainees' opinion about education for sustainability; Career opportunities.

newsletter #15
February 2022

Topics: Adopt a tree for the Climate; Vertical gardens for urban farming; Trainees' opinion about Green spaces; Career opportunities.

newsletter #14
January 2022

Topics: SMILE Composting Workshops; EU Missions;Trainees' environmental technologies wishes; Career opportunities.

newsletter #13


December 2021

Topics: LIFECLIVUT Thematic Walks; 4th European Education Summit; Eco-friendly Christmas; Trainees' wishes for new year ; Career opportunities.

newsletter #12
October 2021

Topics: Rural Smart Communities Session; 2021 UN Climate Change Conference; Trainees' tips Sustainability in the Office ; Career opportunities.

newsletter #11
September 2021

Topics: BLUEfasma Open day; Circular economy: the 7 R’s; Trainees' tips about Circular economy; Career opportunities.

newsletter #10
August 2021

Topics: LIFE ADAPTATE Final Conference; IPCC's Climate Change Report; Trainees' opinion about sustainable cities.

newsletter #9
July 2021

Topics: Urban Climate Action Webinar; New EU Forest Strategy for 2030; Trainees' tips for a sustainable summer.

newsletter #8
June 2021

Topics: Environmental education in Meda; World Environment Day; Trainees' opinion about the future of sustainability.

newsletter #7
May 2021

Topics: World Earth Day; Summit - European Regions for Smart Communities; Intern daily sustainable practices.

newsletter #6
March 2021

Topics: Culture KIrC Fest; Upbeat news about Climate Change; Trainees' tips about Sustainable Products.

newsletter #5
February 2021

Topics: CityZen Workshop; Blue Crowdfunding Workshop; Plant a tree to fight Climate Change; Eco-travelling with our trainees' tips.

newsletter #4


November 2020

Topics: BLUEfasma Project - Blue Living Labs; Protect yourself and protect the planet; Be safe, productive and entertained.

newsletter #3
October 2020

Topics: The European Week of Regions and Cities; Webinar: Caring services for the elderly in rural areas; Sustainable Development Goals and COVID-19;How do our interns help achieve the Goals?

newsletter #2
September 2020

Topics: Prominent MED; COVID-19 and Climate Change; Interview with our Interns; Our interns tips for working from home.

newsletter #1



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